The perfect family playground with sun, sea and sand. 

Stunning beaches and friendly coastal towns beckon, while inland are historic mining villages and spectacular national parks. Blessed by nature and embraced by sea, Yorke Peninsula is graced with magnificent beaches and jagged shorelines.

JABA produced a website that enbraces the culture of the Yorke Peninsula, showcasing their region and tourism opportunities while meeting the clients need to service the changes in technology that are influencing the way that website users are accessing and consuming information.

The new website makes it easy for visitors to find out what is happening and see where some of the the best tourism opportunities are within the region, whilst a tile navigation system is intuative for users and maximises the opportunity for people to find out more information and what is happening in the Yorke Peninsula.

The tile system used for the XPress Tourism website helps to improve the methods of inputting basic SEO so that the website can rank better organically on search engines. The tile system is easy to use for the client and the integration of ATDW means the website functions at it's best to provide information to the audience.

The client was thrilled with the outcomes of the new website and has said the following:

"Yorke Peninsula Tourism engaged JABA to create a new website in 2014 and 2017 to meet the growing changes in technology and the behaviours of how consumers access and consume their information when making a decision about their next holiday destinations. JABA have been great to work with in this process creating a visually appealing and search engine optimised website for Yorke Peninsula. They are experts in ATDW integration and their CMS is easy to use. 

Currently www.yorkepeninsula.com.au sits at number one on Google and we are now able to use our website as a platform to generate extra content for visitors and assist local tourism businesses to further promote their individual businesses."

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THIS WEBSITE WAS BUILT USING JABA XPRESS CMS - Additional functionality is available on request.