Austral Yachts have been manufacturing quality boats for over 40 years.

The Austral Association was formed from a group of enthusiastic boat owners. The object of the association was to encourage the growth of “One‚ design class yachts” and then to supervise the racing of those classes and to foster participants in association activities.

Austral Yachts has now re-located their manufacturing to China to continue to make competitively priced and the highest quality boats for the Australian and International markets.

Austral Yachts wanted to better showcase their range of quality yachts and encourage international and Australian enquiries for the manafacturing of their quality boats. This website has allowed them to show diagrams, graphic images and photos of the different types of boat that they produce to support in converting website visitors to enquiries or sales.

The website has a practical application that is functional and best displays each of the yachts. JABA created a longer page style that scrolls the differnt types of boats as people use the top bar navigation. The result is a beautiful visual representation of the quaility and streamline boats Austral Yachts prdouce.

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